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A world-class medical restraint system

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Magnetic buttons: A safe and efficient locking mechanism

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An intensive course in medical restraint.

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In institutional care, the use of a restraining belt is a method of treatment used when nothing else works, when the issue is the safety of the patient as well as of others.

It is very important to use good and professional equipment to be able to restrain the patient in the best and most humane way, in regards to medical and safety aspects. This is the foundation and the basis of the design of the belt system ”Trygger”.

Belts and similar devices intended for patient restraint in institutional care are, according to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, considered Medical Devices, and must comply with the requirements of LVFS 2003:11 based on EU directive 93/42/EEG.

Medical devices, such as restraining belts and similar devices must have a CE marking. TRYGGER meets all these requirements and of course has the CE mark.

TRYGGER is today the only belt system approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, manufactured in Sweden for use in institutional psychiatric care in Sweden.

The product is registered with the Swedish Medical Products Agency as a medical device, grade 1. The belt system TRYGGER is patented and the design is protected by the EU Patent and Registration Office OAMI.

The belt system TRYGGER is tested by SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden, where the system was submitted to a number of pulling tests and the tests showed high durability.

Today the belt system TRYGGER is the most frequently used system within institutional psychiatric care in Sweden and is used by several Swedish hospitals, such as St Görans Hospital in Stockholm, Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg and Helix in Stockholm (Swedens most secure forensic psychiatric hospital) and many others.

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